How to Create a Database in Cpanel before Installing WordPress
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How to Create a Database in Cpanel before Installing WordPress?

If you want to know How to Create a Database in Cpanel before Installing WordPress, I can help you now through the blog. After this post, you will able to Create MySQL Database on the Cpanel. However, I also discussed how to install WordPress on the Local Host or Local Server or Windows. You can catch the link end of the blog.

How to Create a Database in Cpanel

For creating MySQL Database from Cpanel, you must follow the those step is given bellow. You find to see the Cpanel Login Interface like the picture from bellow.

Cpanel login

I think you had a Cpanel Login link from your hosting provider during buying a brand new hosting for your WordPress website. However, After access the link you can log in to Cpanel Dashboard by using the Username, Password, and Login button. If you forgot a password, you also able to reset the password by clicking the Reset Password button. Ok, now you’re happy to login Cpanel.

Cpanel Login Interface
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How many option to create a database?

After Logged in Cpanel, you find to see two types of main options under the DATABASES section Like the phpMyAdmin and  MySQL® Databases button. In this post, I will show how to create a database only  MySQL® Databases option. Okay, I will discuss later how to create a database through the phpMyAdmin option.

How many option to create a database?
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Create Database using MySQL® Databases

That is to say, After click the MySQL® Databases you must create a Database and Database User. Then you need to assign the User to Database. First of all, there are some things to keep in mind when creating a database and database user. By default, you have a Prefix for Database or User. For Example,

//For Database
Database Prefix: hello
Database initialing name: myDB
Database Full Name: hello_myDB

//For User
User Prefix: hello
User initialing name: myUser
User Full Name: hello_myUser


creating a database and database user
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Create a Database Name

For creating a Database, you need to input the database name and press the Create Database button.

MySQL Database Create Proccess
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Create a Username and User Password

Then you can create Database User by inputting User Name, Password and Password (Again) . Password (Again) must need same as Password what you inputted. Meanwhile , you can generate auto password using by Password Generator option.

User Password Generator prosohel
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Passowrd Generator Step
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After creating the password or generating the password, you need to create the user. That’s why you have to click on the Create User button. For example,

User Prefix: hello_ 
Username: myUser

Password: v)k7hVWZNOpc
Password(Again): v)k7hVWZNOpc
Click Create User Button
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Assign User Permission

After clicking the Create User button, you need to check the All Privileges checkbox and Finally, click the Make Changes button.

Select-All-Privileges prosohel
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Add User To the Database

Wow! Your database and database user created successfully. Now, you have to assign the User to Database. At first, select User from the User and select the Database from the Dropdown box. Finally, click the Add button to add the user to the database. Sounds good!!.

Add User to Database
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Subsequently, you did great. You might be checking the which the user added to the database. Here is your destination!! You find also the Rename or Delete button to according to rename or delete any database and user.

Add to User Databae Prosohel
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That’s it. Then you will catch a post which will show you how to install WordPress in Cpanel. Further, You have any query to know from us about the blog, please leave a comment. If you have satisfied, please share it with your friends. If you feel more helps, Just contact us or join our Facebook Page or Linkedin.

Happy WordPress!

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